Police Arrest Regina Daniels’ Brother

A new video has  emerged showing  Regina Daniels’ brother, Lawrence, in handcuffs after being arrested by police.

According to videos which was posted by SammyWest, another brother of Regina, Lawrence was stopped while taking his friends to the airport. He said that upon discovering that it was Lawrence, Regina Daniels’ brother that was driving, the police dragged him down and took him to the police station.

“Let’s all stand for the truth why the injustice?” wrote SammyWest.

“Where are the freedom fighters? Intimidation and oppression is what we ought to stand for…….. Lawrence @sweezzy1 was taking his friends to the airport they stopped for their usual stop and search and noticed Lawrence was the one driving then one officer said this one is Regina Daniels brother then they dragged him out saying they’d take him to the station for no reason before myself and friends came to meet them up then they started shooting, when one of us tried video they punched his face if you look at the other video properly you’d see one was scared why do they keep dragging us out the moment my mom @rita.daniels06 came in the picture one officer said this is Regina’s mother so what wrong have we done remains what I don’t know….the other day @instablog9ja said Lawrence assaulted police so in this case what is it make we dey talk true government go do like say dem no dey see… I AM A FREEDOM FIGHTER I’d stand for justice SAMMYWEST SAYS SO ”

In one of the videos, Lawrence was seen being dragged at the shorts by two policemen. His mother, Rita Daniels, said that it has been habitual that the police were harassing her children.

“Every time, they keep on harassing my children,” she was heard saying in one of the videos.

“This is more than the fourth time. Does it mean that… I have responsible children. They want to tarnish my image in Delta State. What wrong have I done to them? Look at my children. Can’t my children go out again?”

While she was speaking, a policeman was signalling that she should look at him.

“Look at me, I’m the senior man here,” he said.

Since the romance of Regina Daniels and billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko became public, the family has been in the spotlight with the public following every move of the teen actress and her 59 year old politician lover.

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