“I can’t marry a woman who is not a virgin” – Ned Nwoko (video)

“I can’t marry a woman who is not a virgin” – Ned Nwoko

Billionaire businessman and politician, Prince Chinedu Munir Nwoko better known as Ned Nwoko has disclosed his first criteria for marrying a woman.

In a recent interview, Ned, 63, who is married to one of Nollywood’s young actresses stated that he can’t marry a woman who isn’t a virgin. He noted how people always have an idea of the woman he should marry, but he doesn’t listen to it.

regina daniels ned nwoko virgin marry

According to him, he maintains a discerning taste, reiterating his preference for marrying a virgin. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of having vision to recognize a suitable partner, underscoring that it takes a perceptive individual to identify a good woman.

He said,

“I have a taste. You must be a man of vision, to be able to sight a woman and say you see something in her to marry her. I married her because she is from my place. I can’t marry a woman who isn’t a virgin”.

See how Netizens reacted below

One Blak Jewel wrote: “Imagine this nonsense? See what we call politicians in Nigeria, this will be classified pedophilia in developed countries.”

One Uzo Aloy wrote: “Lmao she was of a legal age and the developed countries you’re talking about are looking for a way to legalise pedophiles. I can send u a link in your dm.”

One Ijeoma Ebisike: “So divorced women, widows and single mothers irrespective of age should not have a second chance at love??”

One Only Fashion wrote: “Maybe her mother was a virgin when his father married her”

One Buchino Milano wrote: “Abeg Regina Daniel na virgin before baba carry am Cos I know say she get boyfriend before then abi the boy preek no dey function or church boy?”

One Sonita the virtuous girl wrote: “I guess he’s planning to take another virgin wife and the funniest thing after all the rituals that he used to perform on his wedding day the wives cannot divorce him”

One Joshua wrote: “I wonder o. If Ned can marry only virgins, that means he knows the benefits. No need going to waste a youthful age with a divorcee woman or a woman with million body counts.”

One Bezoyello Salon wrote: “Virginity is dignity, but not only women who are allowed to be virgins, I mean, everyone makes mistake in one time of their lives, just focus more on when you met the person rather than been concerned about their pasts”

Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko tied the knot in 2016 with a significant 38-year age gap. Aside from his children with four other wives, Regina has two children with her husband.

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