Music Review: Lojay x Sarz ‘LV N ATTN’

Indeed Lojay and Sarz have created a unique sound with their latest EP, LV N ATTN taking inspiration from sounds around the globe. These two bombshells are a very unique combo and  we  are loving every beat and lyrics.

LV N ATTN koko tv ngLV N ATTN follows Lojay’s 2017 EP, Midnight Vibes. Sarz is in a whole level of his own and he brings his spice like never before on this body of work. The unique thing about this body of work is the fact that Sarz is featured on the entire 5-track present on this Ep.
Grammy award winner, Wizkid also graces this work with his glorious presence.
LV N ATTN opens with a rich bass combo that automatically sets the mood. One doesn’t need to ask why or how this track is a hit single.

Both artistes draw inspiration from their love interest. This track is all about that unique lady and how they both can’t get their head over her, hence Tonongo.
There is also the use of sex related words as even the title of the song stems from the theme of sex.
Park O x3, is the ultimate party starter with the resounding konga beat.
We see Lojay drunk and lost on the love of his special lady. We also have a lover-boy in all shades as all the tracks unveils him to be.
He sings, I don jogodo for your love oh…This track lays more emphasis on the beat that on the lyrics itself.

The song from which this EP gets its title from from features the presence of not just Sarz but Wizkid. Lojay himself opens this song with description of his lady from head to toe. Laying emphasis on the need for her love and attention.
He is ready to sing for her as long as she keeps him satisfied. Sarz own the chorus which makes it all the more interesting.
The point where Wizkid comes in is a seamless blend and we definitely love the flow from top to bottom.

Panty! just as the name implies of  course it is not far off the mark.
This entire EP revolves around romance and love while using sex as a vehicle to pass across that message.
We come to a close on the track Monalisa and it is the perfect jam, my gawd. You can never go wrong with an amapiano beat. Just perfect.

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