Movie Review: Dear Affy

One of the intriguing romantic comedies that stormed the streets of Nollywood is the movie, Dear Affy. A movie that turns the table entirely and defines properly the saying, life happens, is this amazing film.

dear affy

Dear Affy centers on the life of Affy (Kehinde Bankole) who falls in love with a player, Mike (Enyinna Nwigwe). A major turn happens a few weeks before their marriage and both their lives are changed forever.
This movie features some of Nollywood’s finest; Bimbo Ademoye, Timini Egbuson, Odunlade Adekola, Toyin Abraham, and others.

The character of Affy is a major lesson for a lot of people who live their lives by the book. Life is spontaneity. Life cannot be planned. Life happens. For those who do not know this, they usually learn the hard way, as Affy did.

The character traits, attribute, reactions and mindset of people who live their lives by planning every step was well portrayed in the character of Affy.

We must say Kehinde Bankole did a good job. This role is not what one will have picked a Kehinde Bankole for, but she came and she delivered.

In fact, from the insensitive friend in the person of Tochi (Bimbo Ademoye) and Obiora (Williams Uchemba) to the bookwormish friend, Akin (Timini Egbuson), good job.

One good thing about this movie is the fact that each character had a picture to paint. Yes, they painted it well. The storyline is superb for the fact that it is not predictable especially concerning the lives of Affy and Mike.

But one must ask the question, why was the scene of Obiora and Aunty Munumidun ever shown. Like, one can’t make sense of it all.
Now considering the fact that they ended the movie at their wedding scene, come on, it can’t get any worse, can it!

There were some unnecessary scenes and one wonders why they were ever included. Because if these scenes are removed the movie will still make perfect sense.
In terms of the costume and make-up, come on we have seen worse and we have surely seen better. And this movie fall in the latter.
At a point, I had to say it out loud, who costumed the character of Affy, like, who costumed them all. From the guys to the ladies, come on!!!

The storyline could have been much better if some unnecessary routes were not taken.
For instance, the scene where she kept going from one person to another asking if they are responsible for her pregnancy.

The scene with Teni was unnecessary.
Dear Affy is a movie that shoots its shot but misses the mark.
The intended message was achieved but the way it was achieved which actually makes up the entire movie leaves one with so many questions.

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