IDK What’s Going on With the Sleeves on Selena Gomez’s ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Premiere Dress, but I Kind of Love It

Ever since Selena Gomez showed up on the Disney Channel scene in the early aughts, I’ve been a fan. We’re about the same age, so we basically grew up together and both evolved sartorially, right? On Monday night, at the New York premiere of The Dead Don’t Die, Selena Gomez—my BFF from childhood, obviously—once again proved she’s got major style. That isn’t to say Disney Gomez didn’t have her fair share of incredible fashion moments, but the early 2000s were wrought with ensembles we’d probably all like to forget. In 2019, the singer and actress is killing the sartorial game, and her newest movie premiere red carpet is just one of the many examples.

Gomez posed for the cameras in New York wearing an all-black Celine ensemble for which I am truly grateful. Yes, this outfit looks incredible on Selena Gomez. (I mean, what wouldn’t?) It does, though, confuse me due to the, er, giant feather sleeves featured on the designer dress. I really, truly need you to know that I actually love this dress and would wear it on any red carpet to which I was invited, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the damn sleeves! Are they huge pom poms? Part of a Sesame Streetcostume? Something she grabbed from my childhood costume box? (Yes, I’m aware this ensemble is from Celine’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway collection, but let me have this right now, K?) These giant feather sleeves are bigger than my damn head, people!

Marion Curtis/StarPix for Focus Features/Shutterstock.

Puffy sleeves are have a major moment right now, but Selena Gomez just sailed far beyond what you’ll find on Forever 21’s site. Sure, I’m a little perplexed, but I’m into the look, and if both Celine and Selena (Wow, what a pair.) are here for giant feather sleeves, then so am I.


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