“I have lost a relationship because of my career”- Ruby Orjiakor speaks on reason she’s single

Nollywood actress and single mother Ruby Ojiakor, has revealed why she is single and unmarried.

Ruby Ojiakor revealed that she once ended a romance due to her career as an actor.

According to the movie actress turned philanthropist, her then partner’s mother was unhappy with her job and asked that she stop acting if she wanted to marry her son.

She said, “I have lost a relationship because of my career. It was not because of the guy I was dating but because of his family. His family did not want the wife of their son to be an actress. Even when he told them that I was different, they still did not accept me. His mother did not want me because I am an actress. The only condition was that I would leave my career if I wanted to marry her son.”

Ruby Ojiakor also stated that while some guys are afraid of dating actresses because they are popular and have many admirers, this is not the case for everyone.

She said, “It is true that some men are scared of dating actresses because they have too many admirers due to the fact that they appear on screen (and are popular). Some actresses allow it to get to their heads and forget that they are still women who will get married some day.

“Some actresses even tell their partners that they are famous and they don’t want to bend (to their rules) because they have met top personalities. That is why many men are scared of dating actresses. At the same time, everybody is not the same. That a particular actress acts in a certain way does not mean other actresses will act the same way. There are decent, respectful and humble women in Nollywood.”

Ruby Ojiakor described the attributes she seeks in a partner.

“I desire a man that is God-fearing. If a man is God-fearing, he will have a good heart. Such a man will not cheat on one or lie to one. He would have a good conscience and apologise when he is wrong.

“I am not really into physical looks. Some women focus on physical looks, and that has led to many divorces. It is guys that are cute that would break a ladies’ hearts. The inward appearance should be given more priority; not the looks,” she said.

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