How To Politely Turn Down A Guy

A lot of guys seem to complain a lot about how rude girls can be especially when you are asking them out.

According to some guys whom I questioned about how many times they have been snubbed by girls, when trying to hit on them;

Bello said “Its annoying how you will be trying to get a girls attention and she will be looking at you like you are crazy”

David said “Ugly girls that used to be easy to get don dey snub pesin  too” 

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However, there is a better way to turn a guy down without being rude;

1. I don’t gives My Numbers To Stranger

You can actually use this line with a smile on your face, you don’t have to do it with a scary look on your face you just have to say “I don’t give my number to strangers…sorry” with a smile on your face.

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2. Am In A Relationship

In such cases, its better to lie that you are in a relationship and you can’t cheat on your boyfriend that way, you get not to look rude but as a loyal girlfriend period.

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