How To Ensure You Don’t Gain So much weight This Season

As much as you are enjoying that Christmas rice and drinks you should also know that fat exist.

Therefore, in other not to gain excessive weight after the season is over you have to do this;

1. Cut down on the sweet things

You have to cut down on the sweet things you take ,  the last thing you want is falling sick or gaining unnecessary weight.

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2. Reduce your alcohol and soda intake
During the holidays, people buy packs and packs of alcohol and beverages and stock their fridges to the maximum capacity.

From one drink, you grab two, and then three until you have lost count.

Tell yourself that you are just going to drink one drink and stick to sipping it slowly.

3. Eat What You Can Finish

Well as you know, over feeding is bad so its best you should eat what you are able to finish to avoid wastage.

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