Gift-Giving in the Age of Tech – 6 Gifting Trends Driven by Technology

Modern technology has altered and transformed our world and life in numerous ways over the years. The use of technology applications and smart devices has become so routine that we are scarcely conscious of the impact they have on our lives. Gift-giving is a fantastic example of how changes are ever-present, whether we recognize them or not.

You might be wondering what technology has to do with gift-giving or gift-receiving. It’s an age-old tradition, and while different cultures have different conventions for giving gifts, people still appreciate them as much as they always have. However, the gift-giving process has evolved significantly over the last few decades, and we can credit technology for this transition.

It’s up to you to decide whether these changes are good or negative, but there’s no denying that gift-giving is a lot different nowadays than it was ten or twenty years ago. So, take a look at some of the most significant tech-driven gift-giving trends right now and see if you can detect any favorites.

Online purchasing

Online buying has to be the most well-known and visible trend of them all. People like the ease and comfort that online shopping gives, so it’s only natural for them to utilize it not only when they need food, clothes, or other things, but also when they need to go present shopping.

There’s no need to waste time travelling from store to store looking for the ideal gift. Online shopping platforms and e-commerce websites have simplified the procedure more than before. Whether you’re looking for birthday flowers or Christmas gifts, these sites will provide you with a plethora of possibilities with just a few simple clicks. You may buy anything in a matter of minutes using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, and avoid the rush and bustle of shopping malls and markets. The ability to save time, energy, and money is what makes online shopping and gifting such a good match.


Gift-Giving in the Age of Tech – 6 Gifting Trends Driven by Technology- glamsquadmagazine

Better bargains

Speaking of money, while you may want to buy the perfect gift for that particular someone, you don’t want it to empty your wallet. That is not being cheap; rather, it is planning and making sound financial judgments. It’s especially crucial to know how to stretch your money over the holiday season if you have a lengthy list of individuals to buy gifts for.

Fortunately, technology now helps you to save money on gift buying by comparing item features and costs using internet comparison sites. That is how you may obtain high-quality items at reasonable costs without having to visit ten separate places. Whatever the occasion, Google’s shopping section might be your best partner in your quest to locate the best discounts.

Influence on social media

We can’t talk about the impact of technology on gift-giving culture without including social media. Social media platforms have influenced people’s behavior in a variety of ways, and it appears that they have also had a significant impact on how users approach gift-giving.

According to a 2018 study, the practice of accepting digital presents on Facebook has resulted in an increase in digital gift exchanges. To be more specific, the survey discovered that those who receive gifts via the social media site are 56% more inclined to reciprocate the gesture. It was also obvious that in most situations, online presents supplemented or entirely replaced offline gifts. Almost half of users favored the convenience of online gifting over the traditional way of giving a gift through a traditional channel.

Gift-Giving in the Age of Tech – 6 Gifting Trends Driven by Technology- glamsquadmagazine

Gifts that are personalized

Choosing a random item from a store’s inventory is not what most buyers are looking for. When seeking for a gift, people nowadays seek out individuality and authenticity. Traditional presents do not meet these needs since they want to give their loved ones something distinctive and evocative that will serve as a bond between them.

That’s where technology comes in, bringing the gift-giving process to a whole new level through customisation. You may now personalize a wide range of goods, from engraved jewelry to personalized art pieces, to create a one-of-a-kind gift. This adds a particular and personal touch to the experience of giving or receiving a gift.

Gifts of experience

There are numerous objects that can make excellent gifts, but gifts are not restricted to material stuff. We can thank technology for the recent rise in the popularity of experience gifts.

While material gifts are here to stay and will never be replaced, we can’t help but observe that an increasing number of individuals prefer to give and receive gifts that allow them to enjoy a specific experience rather than an inanimate object.

Cooking classes, excursions, concert tickets, and everything in between are all examples of experience gifts. We attribute this tendency to technology because experience presents are more widespread in the internet context, via vouchers or coupons.

Gifts that are virtual or digital

Given that we live in a digital age, it’s no wonder that the majority of our gifts these days are digital. Virtual and digital presents are becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that they do not provide the same emotion and delight as holding and unpacking a physical gift.

It’s far more convenient to send someone a digital gift card or coupon and let them buy whatever they want than to buy a present, have it wrapped, and then personally gift it to them. It may feel a little impersonal to some, but it’s a lot more comfortable, and it reduces the possibilities of selecting an uninspired present.