“Ghanaian Jollof has no flavour” — Chef Hilda Baci spills (Video)

“Ghanaian Jollof has no flavour” — Chef Hilda Baci spills 

Celebrity Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci has finally swiped at a popular food from neighbouring country.

In a podcast interview, Hilda Baci stated that Ghanaian jollof rice has no flavour. It is worth noting that there has been an unending comparison between Nigerian jollof rice and Ghanaian jollof rice. As expected, it has continued to generate controversies as the argument continues.

Now, Hilda Baci, who gained popularity after setting the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time threw Ghana jollof under the bus. She further proved her point when she recollected a Jollof competition between Nigeria and Ghana.

According to Hilda Baci, she tried Ghanaian jollof but didn’t find it tasty. She believed it was the best her competitor could make. She also said that she had seen their recipes for different types of the country’s jollof, and they seemed quite basic.

On the flip side, Hilda compliments Nigerian jollof, stating that Nigerians are serious about creating rich flavours.

See the video below;


As expected, Hila Baci’s claim didn’t go down well with Ghanaians as many slammed her. However, Nigerians supported their own.

One Eviana Gh wrote: “Ghana Jollof Has No Flavour- Chef Hilda Baci Someone help me educate her that her records in the Big book wasn’t the best chef so she should know her place. Nigeria Jollof that tastes like Gravels”

One Boaz wrote: “These Nigerians actually think they can cook ??”

One Tony Tony wrote:Everywhere in abroad, Na Nigeria food Ghanaians dey eat pass.”

One Coach Bruno wrote: “Lol Ghana food that looks like food given to the gods for sacrifice”

One Dubem wrote: “Ghana Jollof is trash in all honesty tho”

One Albert Nat Hyde wrote: “Tell Hilda Baci that she should focus on hiding her not-so pretty face under makeup. At least Ghana jollof has more flavour than her no-make up face if she reveals it. She should focus on shaking her hard ass and taking bisexual kisses cos right now, that’s her only record!”

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