Shaffy Bello speaks on ‘what do you bring to the table’ debate: “If I was a man, I won’t marry a liability”

Shaffy Bello

Nollywood actress and singer, Shaffy Bello-Akinrimisi, shares her thoughts on the debate surrounding what a partner contributes to a relationship.

In a recent episode of the ‘Me, Her, and Everything Else’ podcast, Shaffy Bello discussed that men have a legitimate reason to inquire about what a woman brings to the relationship.

When considering the perspective of a man, Shaffy Bello firmly expressed that she cannot envision marrying a woman who is a burden.

She also stated that being a responsible and hardworking woman is, in fact, an appealing quality, as opposed to being constantly dependent and entitled.

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“I would tell the ladies, never tell a man, ‘Why are you asking me what do I bring to the table?’ I’m sorry, I’m not one of those; I think we both should ask ourselves, ‘What are we bringing to the table.’

If he’s bringing something to the table, you should bring something to the table. I don’t want to marry a liability if I was a man. As a matter of fact, you look more attractive that way. You can’t just be needy, that’s not attractive”.

Recall that socialite, Yhemolee popped the ‘what do women bring to the table‘ question during the Bahd and Boujee podcast session hosted by Moet Abebe and Tolanibaj.

The women expressed disdain for the question, however, Tolanibaj spoke about the characteristics of female body parts, emphasizing them as an important aspect of relationships.

She said, “I bring my sweet and succulent pu$$y”.

Meanwhile, Moet Abebe, named her brains as what she brought to the table, however, she still included the pussy.

Their answers sparked a debate with controversial social media investigator, Verydarkman stating that women bring nothing to the table but invest more in their bodies.

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