Desmond Elliot sparks outrage with distribution of perfume, notebooks ahead of bye-election (video)

Desmond Elliot sparks outrage with distribution of perfume, notebooks ahead of bye-election

Nollywood actor and politician, Desmond Elliot has faced backlash for giving out perfumes, books, and pencils to Nigerian youths.

In a circulating video on social media, the actor was seen at an APC rally distributing the mentioned items to their supporters, who were engaged in a struggle to receive them.

The Surulere representative, vying for a third term, had equipped the youths with these items in preparation for the upcoming byelection.

Desmond and his team distributed notebooks, pencils, crayons, toothpaste, jotters, and perfumes to the people, aiming to alleviate the hardships and challenges in the country.

See how Netizens reacted to the video

One Kimoranky wrote: “Always the corrupt ones that use this strategy. Working government don’t have to bribe mass before they turn up for him or her for another term . Nigerians politicians will always weaponize poverty to achieve sit sha smh”

One Otunba wrote: “Citizens Impoverished is their strategy”

One Ness wrote: “I been think say him dey share inhaler give them because them go soon run out of breath”

One Steven wrote: “Oh so his constituency people get body Odour that’s why he the give them pef abi”

One Virgo wrote: “No money for tfare again, if you waka from oshodi to ipaja then you spray perfume, smell nice!”

One Don Willy wrote: “Forget about APC sef, the people collecting those stuff, are they normal?”

One Itis Bobby wrote: “E say as una dey after, make una sha dey smell nice”

One Rita Delta wrote: “This guy is truly Desmond Idiot. I saw Very Dark Man calling him out. Perfume over hunger?”

One Nebo Jonathan wrote: “Tinubu lowered the bar, thinking nobody can go lower, Desmond Idiot removed the bar and laid on the ground”

One Cherry Coco wrote: “The most disappointing product of Nollywood to date”

One Emeka Amakeze wrote: “Smell nice even if you’re dying of hunger”

One Clara Obigeriaki wrote: “Jotter to write their prayer points when suffering starts”

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