‘If I were President, I will ban the importation of human hair – Reno Omokiri

'If I were President, I will ban the importation of human hair - Reno Omokiri

Nigerian politician and writer, Reno Omokiri has disclosed that he would ban the importation of human hair if he had the honour of serving as the President of Nigeria.

Taking to his Instagram page, Reno who also doubles as a human rights activist shared his thoughts on the consistent rise of the Dollar against the Naira on his Instagram page.

He emphasized that Nigerians’ heavy spending on foreign goods and preference for imported products contributes to the continuous depreciation of the country’s currency against the Dollar.

Reno added that a significant number of Nigerians invest more in foreign products, particularly human hair, rather than supporting domestic goods.

He went on to express that if he were the president, he would consider banning the importation of human hair.

He wrote;

“The Naira is a reflection of the Nigerian. Look, the Central Bank of Nigeria just paid a billion dollars to foreign airlines. Those are airlines flying the same route as Air Peace. Do you know that if you and I, as Nigerians, had flown Air Peace instead of foreign airlines, that $1 billion would have stayed and circulated in Nigeria? And when dollars and pounds stay in Nigeria, the Naira rises in power. If they leave Nigeria, our Naira goes lower and lower.

The Central Bank had to cough up $200 million to pay for human hair, as if God did not give our women hair. This is hair that Indian, Bangladeshi, and Southeast Asian women cut and dedicate to their temples. They then barely process the hair and label them Brazilian, European and Peruvian hair, and our women rush to buy them, wear them, and shake the hair angrily to accuse Tinubu of ruining the economy. If I were Tinubu, I would ban the importation of human hair. Fact-check this, as a nation, Nigeria spends more on human hair than on books.

The Naira is now our collective responsibility. When you go to Quilox to spend #5 million on Moét, Louis XIIl Cognac, and Glenfiddich, then post your receipt on social media, you are putting downward pressure on the Naira.

Containers on the high seas coming to Nigeria with things we can produce in Nigeria are killing the Naira. There is no magic wand. If we don’t band together to stand together and buy made in Nigeria, the Naira will continue to go asunder!”

'If I were president, I will ban the importation of human hair - Reno Omokiri

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