Cynthia Morgan shares three bittersweet encounters with Davido

Nigerian Hip-hop singer, Cynthia Morgan otherwise known as Madrina has opened up on her bittersweet encounter with her colleague, Davido.

In an Instagram live video, Madrina said her problem with the singer began in 2011 when they met during the ‘Back When’ time. She mentioned he didn’t know who he was then. She heard about him again from her friend who was a fan. Her friend connected her with Davido, giving her his number, but she was surprised when he hung up on her when she called.

Her second encounter was when she saw him at a club with his cousins, B-Red and Sina Rambo. Cynthia approached him at his table, but Davido pushed her away, mistaking her for one of the club girls trying to get close to him.

The final time they met was when her former manager, Jude Okoye, suggested she contact the singer for a collaboration. Unlike before, Davido was excited to hear from her and they agreed to collaborate. He even invited her to his father’s birthday, but she didn’t go because of their past interactions.

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Cynthia now believes that her decision not to attend Davido’s father’s birthday is why he still holds a grudge against her.

She said,

“I and Davido’s issue started way back in 2011. The first time I saw Davido was in his song, Back When. I didn’t know who he was at that time, and the next time I heard of him was from my late friend, Mr Alao, who was a lecturer at Redeemers University at that time and he played Dami Duro for me. The song didn’t have a video at that time, but I loved it, the energy was awesome. He connected me with Davido so I could get the beat of the song and do a Refix but he ended the call on me. But because of how much I loved the song, I reached out to someone to help me get the beat and he helped me do that I did a song on it but never dropped it.

“My second encounter was in 2013, I was in the club with a close friend and Davido came in with B-red and Sina Rambo, and girls were frolicking around him. The person I was with, who was my P. A at that time told me to go say hello to him and when I agreed, and wry to gree him, he shoved him off and mistook me for one of the ladies, who wanted to get with him. I didn’t still care and enjoyed his music.

The third time I will have an encounter with him was when my former boss, Jude Okoye wanted me to put Davido on a Remix of Don’t Break My Heart and he gave me Davido’s number to call him. This was in 2014 and when I called, Lati, one of his aides picked up the call and said he wasn’t around. Less than an hour, he called me back and Davido expressed excitement and told me he wanted me to put him on a song, ‘Taken’. After the business call, he invited me to his father’s birthday party but I didn’t show up because of the previous encounters we had. I feel like that’s the reason he started having attitudes towards me”.

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Glamsquad recalls in 2020, Madrina, as she is now called, accused Davido of ignoring her after he had promised to assist in revitalizing her career.


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