Blackface reopens beef with 2Baba, queries him about being fetish (video)

Blackface reopens beef with 2Baba, queries him about being fetish (video)

Singer, Blackface has reopened his longtime beef with his former bandmate 2Face now known as  2Baba.

Reopening the beef, Blackface accused 2Baba of allegedly using diabolic means to end his life and career.

In a recent interview on the ‘Honest Bunch’ podcast hosted by OAP Nedu Wazobia, Blackface claimed to have listened to 2Baba’s interview with media personality Olisa Adibua, where he was asked about the reasons for his breakup with his former bandmate from Plantashun Boiz. Boiz.

Blackface also recalled how he brought 2Baba from Benue State to Lagos State and his mother was very appreciative of it. He alleged that now, the same 2Baba said on a media round that he can’t talk about him.

He said,

“I was like 2Face where talking about me dey carry you go? You when I carry from Benue state wey your mama dey tell me say ‘thank you since you have been friends with my son, my son is now thinking like a normal human being. Now you cannot talk about me? Why can’t you talk about me? Because e get where e dey carry you go. You go do juju for me? You go do fetish thing for me? You plan make my life for finish?”.

Speaking about his bond with ex-bandmate Faze, he mentioned that they are on good terms but attributed the discord between them to 2Baba.

However, he mentioned that he has pardoned 2Face for both the deliberate and unintentional actions, urging the ‘African Queen’ singer to also forgive him for any wrongdoings.

Blackface said,

“I and Faze are cool. Maybe 2face has inferiority complex towards me.

“It is time to bury the hatchet. I forgive 2face for everything he has done to me knowingly and unknowingly. He should also make space to forgive me for anything I have done”.

It’s worth noting that the ex-members of the disbanded group Plantashun Boiz have been involved in media controversies over the years.

BlackFace has consistently accused 2Baba of plagiarizing his songs, including the popular hit “African Queen.”

On the other hand, 2Baba had previously initiated a 50 million Naira defamatory lawsuit against him, which was later dropped to facilitate an out-of-court settlement.

Blackface mentioned in his statement that his lawyer had explained to him the meaning of theft.

The pair later came together at their former school event in Makurdi, where they entertained their fellow alumni.

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