American Singer, Aaron Carter allegedly died without a will

American singer and songwriter, Aaron Carter passed away without leaving a will, so his estate will now be administered by the State of California.

According to family sources, Aaron was advised by his lawyer to draft a will, particularly since he had a dependent child.

According to reports, the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services intervened in the turmoil between Aaron and his fiancée Melanie and ordered the removal of their 11-month-old son Prince. Since September, he has been residing with Melanie’s mother.

Aaron’s attorney continued to counsel him to draft a will, but as you are aware, unfortunate events occurred. Aaron passed away a week ago.

Prince will apparently not be abandoned. When a single person passes away without leaving a will in California, like in the majority of states, and a kid is left behind, the youngster automatically inherits the parent’s fortune.

The problem is that Aaron reportedly wasn’t in a decent financial position when he passed away. According to a person close to Aaron, he was living on the edge and frequently spent his income quickly. But his property was up for sale, so the child might secure any equity the sale would bring.

Last week, Aaron’s body was discovered in his bathtub. The toxicology results, which might take months to come back, have not yet been used to identify the cause of death.

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