Aaron Carter’s fans harass his fiancee Melanie and show up at her house as they blame her for his death

Following Aaron Carter’s death, some of his fans have harassed and blamed his fiancée, Melanie Martin, glamsquad reports.


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Melanie has been subjected to a barrage of online and offline abuse, with Aaron Carter’s fans bombarding her with hateful messages, according to TMZ.




Fans have been wishing Melanie death, while others have accused her of being responsible for Aaron’s death.



In addition, some people have been showing up at Aaron’s home in Lancaster, California, where he was discovered dead in a bathtub.



The fans, according to the publication, come onto the property and approach the windows of the house or vehicles to peer inside, which scares Melanie.



Earlier this week, there was a police presence outside Aaron’s home while Melanie was packing her belongings.



Melanie summoned the police to the house to maintain order. She wanted to make sure there would be no problems while she was at Aaron’s house because of all the harassment she had received.


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The following are some of the abusive messages she has received online.

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