Alex Pereira becomes UFC middleweight champion after stunning Israel Adesanya with fifth-round knockout

Alex Pereira is the new middleweight champion after knocking out longtime rival Israel Adesanya in the fifth round, glamsquad reports.


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It was Pereira’s fourth fight in the UFC, and just when it looked like he was going to lose, he decided to go after Adesanya with everything he had, despite the fact that Adesanya was well ahead of him in points.


Alex Pereira is the new UFC middleweight champion after knocking out Israel Adesanya in the fifth round.



Adesanya was knocked down by a left hook, which signaled the start of the end as Pereira continued to unload punches.


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Adesanya fell to the ground briefly but staggered back to his feet, only for Pereira to continue landing knockout punches until referee Marc Goddard saw enough to save the Nigerian fighter before he sustained further damage.



“I feel so blessed,” Pereira said after winning. “I worked extremely hard for this. Sorry to everyone for having to post something; I had to do a little trash talk this time. But I needed to get inside his head in order to win this fight.

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