Actress Aniebet Francis Opines That Women Complaining Of Infidelity Were Also Side Chicks While Single

Aniebet Francis/Twitter @An4Francis
Aniebet Francis/Twitter @An4Francis

While the debate about infidelity among married men continues, Nigerian actor and filmmaker Aniebet Francis has weighed in from a dynamic perspective.

The thespian noted that most of the women lamenting about their husbands engaging in extramarital affairs were also romantically involved with married men when they were still single.

Aniebet said the feeling of suspicion among such women that their husbands are cheating is a product of their insecurity due to their past deeds.

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In a Facebook post on Sunday, July 30, 2023, Aniebet said:

 “Some of the most restless wives are the ones that were once official side chicks in people’s relationships. Their expertise in cheating tricks makes every action and inaction of their husbands suspicious. They literally live a life of fear. Fear that someone is doing to them what they did to others. May we not become victims of our past atrocities.”

Infidelity in marriages has been a subject of controversy especially in the 21st century as pundits have questioned the instability in many marriages.

Online media personality Blessing CEO recently made a case for men engaging in extramarital affairs by stating that there is nothing wrong with having a child with a mistress that is not their wives, provided they do not bring the affair home.

Her opinion have been met with so much resentment from Nigerians who are highly sensitive to such topics due to religious teachings.

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