8 Real Facts About Frederick Leonard You Probably Didn’t Know

Frederick Leonard is one of the top Nollywood stars in Nigeria. We are going to examine eight facts you did not know about him.

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1. Fredrick Leonard was born in Anambra State, Nigeria, a geographic area in southeastern Nigeria by and large enthralled by the Igbo people of Nigeria. He’s the first child of his parents in a family of four conforming of two children, a mama and a father. He’d his primary education atSt. Peter Anglican Primary Academy, Alausa, Ikeja in Lagos State and attended Oregun High School in Oregun, Ikeja in Lagos State also for high academy. In order to gain aB.Sc. degree, he moved to Kaduna State in northern Nigeria and applied to Kaduna Polytechnic, where he was accepted and ultimately attained aB.Sc. In biochemistry.

2. Leonard commenced his career within the Nigerian movie industry in 2001, where he played brief parts on stage and went on hiatus soon after his debut so as to complete his university education and earn a degree. After graduating from institution, Leonard returned to the Nigerian film industry generally known as Nollywood in 2008 and secured his first preeminent part in a film called Indian Doctor and was veritably active in the Nigerian film industry.

3. Leonard is an orphan and has spoken intimately about the devastative impact of the loss of both his parents, especially the death of his mom, which he described as an unfortunate incident that created a vacuum in his life. Leonard, in an interview with Nigerian medium moment, described himself as an introvert rather of the party type and also revealed that he does not drink, smoke and maintains a genuinely small circle of many pals and family.

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4. He was born on May 1, 1976, he’s 44 years old. Indeed though he looks youthful than his age.

5. A many times agone, Frederick was formerly engaged to actress Peggy Oviri, but their relationship only lasted a time and they disjoint. At the moment, Frédéric isn’t married and there’s no news that he’s engaged to a woman.
6. Frederick Leonard is presently one of Nigeria’s flush and most influential actors, models and TV personalities, with an estimated net worth of$.

7. Frederick does not drink, smoke, or party. He says it’s not his style. When Frederick is not playing, he enjoys relaxing at home with his close pals and family. He says that work takes him a lot down from his cherished and when he’s not working he prefers to spend the little time he spends with his cherished.

8. To conclude, Frederick Leonard is incredibly romantic at heart.

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