5 Reasons Why the Vaginal Canal Might Be Too Tight


During sexual intercourse, a tight vagina might cause various issues. Penetration would be difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

Sex is painful when the vagina is too tight.

A woman’s vagina is not supposed to be overly tight. The vagina is at least three to four inches long even when she is not excited, however it is not lubricated. A woman’s vagina expands and becomes well lubricated when she is aroused.

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The issue arises when she is unable to engage in sexual intercourse due to her tightness, which causes her pain and discomfort during penetration.

The following factors may contribute to a tight vaginal feeling during sexual penetration:

1. Arousal or lubrication levels are insufficient.
When a woman has been sufficiently aroused, she is lubricated, making penetration simple. Penetration is more difficult when she isn’t excited.

This issue can be improved with adequate foreplay and outercourse, as well as lubrication purchased from a drugstore.

2. Sexually Transmitted Infection Even though infections do not tighten the vaginal canal, they might make intercourse more unpleasant.

3. Sexual Abuse or Assault Trauma
There’s a risk that if you’ve been raped or sexually assaulted, the trauma will stay with you for a long time.

Sex becomes stressful and overpowering as a result of this. Because your body is reacting to sexual activity in a fight, your body may clamp down and your vagina may stiffen.

4. Hormonal changes following the birth of a child
The vaginal birth is the most natural way to give birth. Giving birth in this manner will surely damage the vaginal area as well as the muscles.

Hormonal shifts caused by childbirth might cause the vaginal area to feel tight. Scar tissue from delivery also inhibits the vaginal pelvic floor.

Vaginismus is number five.
This is a medical disorder that produces involuntary spasms in the vaginal canal before to intercourse or a medical illness.

Is it true that abstaining from intercourse causes the vaginal opening to close?
It doesn’t work that way.

A common misconception is that if a woman hasn’t had sex in a long time, her vagina locks up.

This isn’t correct. You can’t revirginate.

Typically, a person feels uneasy after a period of prolonged sex abstinence, and their body does not react in the same way. They require a lot of foreplay and time to become comfortable.


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