3 lipstick shades every Glam Woman should have

As a glam woman, lipsticks and lip glosses should be one of your favorite things.

In fact, every woman should own one or two lipstick and be able to streamline their shades.

While some women will think deep burgundy, pale violet, or electric tangerine will be amazing, there are just about three shades that make a woman stand out and take her to desert-Island for me.

Glam Squad Magazine brings to you, 3 shades of lipstick every woman should own;


This is a shade every woman needs. The general rule should be; “if you wear one makeup item only, it should be a bright lipstick”. This is true because Red lends polish even when you aren’t wearing a stitch of makeup elsewhere.


Wanna be bold, daring and unique? wear a black lipstick. Do you think pulling off a black lipstick is just too hard and shy away from wearing them? If as a girl you do not own a black lipstick, you are on a long thing!.. lol…

A black lipstick will take you places and bring you back home (LMAO).


I mean, we were born n3ked right? Lol… Nude is always flattering, Pretty and hard to find. And it’s also the perfect complement to a smoky eye

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