Why I never dated anyone in the industry – Ayo Adesanya

Ayo Adesanya, a Veteran Nollywood actress, has revealed that she has never dated anyone in the movie industry.

The actress made the revelation while speaking in an interview with the Vanguard, where she revealed that she doesn’t believe two famous people should be together.

She said:

“I’ve never dated anyone in the industry; my baby’s father was not in the industry when I met him. I actually brought him into the industry so it’s not as if I met him in the industry.”

” I don’t like dating people in my industry. I don’t believe two famous people should be together because there will be clashes of ego and their lives would be on the centre page of the newspapers.

For my job or for my showbiz life, publicity is good but for my private life, I love to keep it really private. I don’t think two celebrities should be married to each other, it is always very tedious,” she declared to Potpourri in an interview.

The actress has affirmed that she’s not searching but has never ruled out love coming knocking again.

She knows all the rules in the book and impressing her with flashy things of life may just be off the rail with her.

“I don’t care what you look like. I love to laugh a lot, so I like happy people, really happy people, not people pretending to be happy. I don’t care if you’re short or tall, fair or dark; it is the inside of your heart that matters to me. I’ve gone through a lot and I’ve seen a lot; even the simplest of things touches me. I’m your everyday happy-go-lucky person, when you’re sweet, when you’re cool, when you’re calm, It works for me. But then, please I am not searching,” she said on the question of a man that may catch her fancy.