Why Does Seyi Law Support Tinubu?

Seyi Law and Tinubu/The Nation
Seyi Law and Tinubu/The Nation

Nigerian comedian Seyi Law has constantly defended Nigeria’s president, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. From the period of campaigning to the aftermath of the election, Seyi Law’s support for the former Lagos State governor has remained solid.

Little wonder he was invited to perform at the event leading to the inauguration of President Tinubu.

A few days ago, Nigerians called out President Tinubu over the long presidential convoy when he arrived in Lagos from London for the Eid holiday.

Nigerians complained over the fact that the cost of governance keeps improving while they bear the burden of suffering from the actions of President Tinubu, such as the removal of fuel subsidy which has been hailed but condemned on the basis of the removal pattern.

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Again, Seyi Law would run to the defense of President Tinubu by questioning the mental wellbeing of critics.

Seyi said: “Those shouting about the president’s convoy, are you sure you are okay? Well, how else do you know some people are mentally ill? The fact that some idi*ts can’t tell that the president’s motorcade is less than 10% of the entire convoy of cars shows the level of foolishness we have to deal with in this country.”

Comedian Seyi Law backed his support for Tinubu during the campaign by stating that it was out of belief in Tinubu’s ability to transform Nigeria. Critics have questioned that belief. Some have accused the comedian of leaning toward ethnic political sentiments.

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