“If another election was held tomorrow, I would still vote President Tinubu” – Seyi Law

Seyi Law and Tinubu/The Nation
Seyi Law and Tinubu/The Nation

Despite the challenges facing the nation, Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law has chosen to continue to drum support for President Tinubu and the current administration.

Taking to his X account, Seyi Law stated that even if another election was to be held tomorrow, he was still going to vote for Tinubu.

He asserted that he would prefer to follow Moses into the wilderness of Canaan than to reap the benefits of slavery, even if it meant jeopardizing the future of his descendants.

He expressed his belief that while any government can easily adopt populist measures to please the masses, he supports this administration’s decision to distinguish itself by focusing on rebuilding, resetting, and safeguarding the future.

He tweeted,

“I would rather stay with a Moses through the wilderness to Canaan than eat meats and drink wine in slavery in Egypt at the expense of my children’s future.

“While a lot of Nigerians kill the optimism of others with hate and urge for immediate gratification, it is sad that our government agencies are not communicating government agendas, efforts, and actions effectively. I am not one to judge anyone for their anger towards the government. After all, they were voted to serve the people. I am maybe only privileged to be better informed.

I know everything doesn’t rest at the centre, and I should be able to make demands from the state government. Your allocations have increased, and to take steps towards a better transportation system not to talk of subsidizing it for your citizens is a mountain you’re finding hard to climb. The state governors are absolutely shameless.

It is easy for any government at the centre to please the multitude by reverting back to full subsidy on fuel and exchange rates, but I would rather we reset, rebuild, and sustain our future than live on a better now by borrowing our future.

I want to see certain people-driven and engaging policies in agriculture, power, and health sectors. lam hopeful.

 I will criticise constructively and condemn unworthy acts. To those still cursing in my mentions, if another election was held tomorrow, I would still vote ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU.”

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