‘The ancestors revealed everything to their women before patriarchy’ – Ugezu Ugezu spills

“The ancestors revealed everything to their women before patriarchy” - Ugezu Ugezu

Nollywood filmmaker and actor, Ugezu Ugezu has explored the differences between modern-day women and their ancestral counterparts.

He asserted that the ancestral figures of Nigeria had instructed the women on every aspect of life.

Ugezu emphasized that contrary to common beliefs, the forefathers of Nigeria genuinely held a high regard for their wives.

He further disclosed that the Nigerian ancestors had bestowed political power upon their women long before patriarchal invaders pondered their role.

However, he contends that when modern women chose to unveil the masquerade’s secret, everything transformed.

He said, 

“Our Ancestors revealed everything to their women. Contrary to what liars will make you believe, our ancestors loved their women so highly that even before patriarchal invaders figured out what to do with their women, our ancestors already gave their women political power. THE MASQUERADE was the only thing our ancestors hid from their women. EVER SINCE MODERN WOMEN DECIDED TO UNMASK THE MYSTERY OF THE MASQUERADE, we have not known peace. “Some things are better left the way they are”. UGEZU J. UGEZU WRITES”

Ugezu Ugezu ancestors women

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