The word racist was created from the word race to mean a person who believes that a particular race is more superior to the other. Well, can the same be said for the stores which stock sizes that they feel or hope to attract to their till. Imagine you were a size 8 and normally you would shop for clothes at store “Y” and every size 8 apparel in this particular store is a perfect fit for you and then next time you go shopping you decide to shop at another store  ( say Store “X”) ,being a size 8 you find the clothes in the store to run smaller than your usual size 8 in store “Y” hence not a perfect fit for you and then you decide to try the next store “Z”  and the same size 8 apparel in this store now runs slightly bigger than your bigger than your perfect fit.

Now that you get the picture and idea of what a sizeist store or clothing line is all about  you don’t need to panic, at least now you know it’s not the fat that is creeping in on you nor are you becoming anorexic ,It’s just the stores and their policies that is messing with our heads.

Some stores tend to promote a particular demography when it comes to their clothing line, as if the societal pressure to become thing or curvy is not enough, these stores have to rub it in as well. Recently in the past ,stores like Abecombie and Fitch announced that they will not be stocking any clothing or apparel above a US  size 10 .If you ask me, they are not only being sizeist but the statement  is discriminatory against body types and individual characteristics. For some, especially women who have a particular body type where either their top wear is smaller in size than what they wear below or vice versa this could be a problem when shopping unless they decide to ditch the store entirely and do their shopping in another store where your specific needs can be met entirely, under one roof.

By Uzo O.



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