Sure it’s always great for any fashion enthusiast or Industry Insider to watch fashion trends, season after season, off the New York, London, Paris, Milan and Seoul Catwalks. However, in the last odd decade, it all just feels incomplete and distant until Lagos has had its say.

Oil aside, Fashion is one of our most vibrant exports, (think Lisa Folawiyo, and Andrea Iyamah), so for us, seeing global trends; be it Pantone’s annual colour charts or cuts and silhouette forecasts, come full circle on the Lagos Catwalks and Nigerian Creative Space, feels a lot like having “our” seal of approval on each individual trend and we love it.

We run through 5 SS17 trends effortlessly delivered by some of our favourite Designers on this side of the globe. Lanre Da Silva, Deola Sagoe, Iamisigo , Weiz Dhurm  Franklyn and more show us what trends make the cut.


First up;



It’s been over 5 decades since the 70s but year in year out and season after season, 70s trends just keep the encore coming with no likely end in sight. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the contemporary twists to the 70s most famous trend; ‘The Flare Pants’,  it’s just that we’re amused that the 70s appear to be in the lead for the most celebrated and interpreted decade in fashion in the 2000s. SS17, Ferona dispenses some 70s inspired glamour and Iamisigo holds the corner for those who fancy themselves new age rebels.




Yes silhouettes and cuts are all the rave when it comes to trends but so are colours. For some reason, colours just happen to get a little less attention than they deserve with trend pickings but not today. One of 2 colours to make our trend list, red is every bit the rave on The Row, Molly Goddard and Dior catwalks as it is in IamIsigo’s SS17 Collection. Meanwhile, Deola Sagoe and Weiz Dhurm Frankyln serve up frock envy, each featuring a solid red floor length gown in their collections.



Everybody knows by now that we do gleaming oh so well, forget Saint Laurent and Balmain, just ask Lanre Da Silva, she’ll show you a thing or two, Nigerian style.

Deola Sagoe reminds us why she’s at the top of the food chain and Weiz Dhurm Frankly shuts it down with a gold metallic number.

Whether it’s shimmery or metallic fabrics in a barrage of silhouettes, gleaming is sooo 2017.  Ignore AW and SS disparities, on our side of the world, it reads a little like January through to December when it comes time to shine.



Valentino and Balenciaga may have the pink trend off their Spring Summer Catwalks down to a T, but it’s Deola Sagoe, Andrea Iyamah and Weiz Dhurm Franklyn that have us blushing at the pink frenzy. Queue in every variation of pink that puts the ‘P’ in pretty,  House of Deola is all elegance, Andrea Iyamah goes contemporary and Weiz Dhurm Franklyn is plain dreamy.



If there were ever a King of asymmetry on this side of the Fashion World it would be Lisa Folawiyo. Asymmetric hemlines may have experienced overkill in the recent past but Lisa Folawiyo knows creative asymmetry can never truly be overdone.  Making a case season after season for how mundane fashion would be with equal lines and cuts all around, Lisa Folawiyo proves that Lisa Does it best.  It hardly feels fair to bring anyone else along to play.

Finally, we spy with our little eye a bonus trend! I think someone ordered frills to help cope with the recession. Yay or Nay?




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