Skales had to steal school uniforms as a kid

Skales/Daily Post
Skales stole uniforms/Daily Post
  • Skales had to steal the school uniforms of his mates while growing up.

Nigerian musician Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, popularly known by the stage name Skales, has recalled his struggles in life before making it to fame in the entertainment industry.

Skales was raised by his single mother in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna, and the singer recalls how tough it was for him as a kid.

He disclosed in an interview how his mother had to do menial jobs to give him the best life.

Skales further revealed that things got so rough to the point that he had to steal the uniform of other students in school, and reinvent it to his size because his mother couldn’t afford to buy him a new uniform.

He said:

“I practically had nothing. It got to a point where I used to steal uniforms from school because I know that next term I’m not getting new uniforms. I’ll steal somebody’s uniform knowing they’d look for it but I will take it anyway and reinvent it and that’s my new uniform. I used to do people’s homework to get money to buy food in school.”

Skales was discovered at the same time Wizkid was discovered by Banky W. They have both gone on to establish themselves in the Nigerian entertainment industry.


The days of having to steal school uniforms are now over for Skales, who can afford to buy thousands of uniforms for less privileged students.

We have yet to hear about charity donations he has made to support kids going through tough upbringings like himself.

Do you think Skales should start a charity foundation for less privileged kids?

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