“Saving money in Nigeria is hard” – Alexx Ekubo laments

Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo has lamented on how hard it is to save money in Nigeria.

According to Alexx Ekubo, one will be going about their daily routine and contemplating life when an unexpected expense may appear.

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His telling illustration was how he was expected to react when he received a message informing him that his grandma had “swallowed a cutlass” and required surgery.

Saving money in Nigeria is hard, you’ll be minding your business in the park, thinking about your life, next thing you’ll just receive text message:

“Brother, Grandma just swallow Cutlass” they need to perform an operation on her within the next 17mins if not her blood will congeal & evaporate. Pls how do I respond to this?.”

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