Popular clergyman, Kingsley Okonkwo dismisses claims that Jesus is against divorced people remarrying

After clergyman and relationship expert Kingsley Okonkwo stated that Jesus is not against divorced people remarrying, social media users have expressed varying opinions, glamsquad reports.


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Pastor Okonkwo recently preached that he doesn’t know where people get the idea that Jesus is against divorced people remarrying. According to him, Jesus is only against separated couples remarrying, but they can remarry if they are fully divorced.

“Jesus never said you couldn’t remarry after divorce. I have no idea where people got it. People are perplexed because Jesus said that if you divorce your wife and remarry, you are committing adultery.

There’s putting away and then there’s giving a bill of divorcement. Putting away signifies separation. The proper divorce is to file a bill of divorcement. You are not divorced if you are separated. Some couples separate in order to work on their marriage. They occasionally come together.

We call this controlled separation in counselling because you are separated but working with a counsellor.

Divorce is not synonymous with separation. You can separate and return. When you are divorced, you cannot remarry. That is what Jesus means when he says that if you separate and then remarry, you are committing adultery because you are not divorced, and if you marry someone who is only separated and divorced, you are also committing adultery because the person is not divorced properly. That’s exactly what it means.

The bible makes it clear that you can remarry after divorce.”


While some of his followers agreed with his explanation, others disagreed, claiming that Jesus was against divorce.

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