Award winning female film maker, Omoni Oboli, “the First Lady,” as she is now popularly called by her friends and fans- whose determination towards putting female film makers dominated by men over the years back on the list- has achieved tremendous successes with her first directing attempt- ‘Mrs. Elliot’ in 2014. That was  followed by ‘The first Lady’ in 2015, then the top cinema grossing ‘Wives On Strike,’ earlier this year and her soon to be released romantic comedy, ‘Okafor’s law’, which was an official selection at this year’s TIFF 2016 in soiree, Toronto. The blockbuster queen arrived Soiree, Toronto, a few days ago ready to show her latest movie to the world wide audience opens up on how the idea behind the movie came about in her own words, she says:

The idea for ‘Okafor’s Law’ came on a fine evening during dinner and drinks with friends. I happened to be the only woman in the group and the conversation was very ‘male’ in tone and subject. Somehow, we started talking about our exes and how most guys felt they could always go back, and have sex with their old girlfriends even after a relationship had long ended. It was apparently a belief widely known in Nigeria as ‘Okafor’s Law’ it was a very interesting conversation and emotions ran high. At a point, one of my friends turned to me and said ‘Omoni you are a filmmaker. Why don’t you make a movie about ‘Okafor’s Law’. I looked at him and said ‘why not?’ The idea was born! I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I talked back and forth with those friends, getting all their thoughts on the subject. I initially contacted a writer because I was busy with other projects, and we talked about the story. Somehow, I never got a script from him, so a couple of months later; I decided to write my story myself.

Apart from the main theme of ‘Okafor’s Law’, the movie takes us through a journey of love, passion, infidelity, violence and forgiveness. It’s also laced with humour which is a common thread in my movies. I love to take people into the world of my movies and make them forget for almost two hours, their own lives Omoni Oboli, 2016.

Okafor’s Law also stars African screen favorites Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ufuoma McDermott, Toyin Aimakhu, Ken Erics, Gabriel Afolayan and the “George Clooney of Nollywood” Richard Mofe-Damijo”

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Article By Chiazor Daniel

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