Netizens slam Zubby Michael for not mourning his late colleague, Junior Pope

Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael is currently under fire on social media for not mourning his late colleague, Junior Pope.

Following the actor’s unfortunate demise, prompting some colleagues to pause their social media activity, Zubby went on Instagram to share a video of himself unfazed and embracing his joy. He captioned it with, “God pass them.”

Flocking to his comment section, netizens criticized him for not publicly expressing grief over Junior Pope’s who was once his closest friend

One Ab Star Update wrote: “Sir you’re not saying anything about Jnr Pope oo, you can’t tell me is sadness at least can’t you pretend even if you don’t want to”

One Everything Successful wrote: “I get ur point but at least for last respect u for just post for story boss”

One Haji Nelson wrote: “If you notice he is not following JP so I believe they might have issues in the past, but that doesn’t mean he can’t send his condolence message or mourn him”

One Amakaz Empire recalled how he was the best man at Junior Pope by writing, “You were his best man on his wedding day. Wetin happen nah?”

One Zizi Kids Store wrote: “Zubby is proud. Remember we are all pencils in the hands of His. Be humble Nigga”

One Funny Mouth wrote: “They’re not in good time if you check they’re not even following each other”

One Chizubor Slm wrote: “Zubby try saying RIP. True people mourn differently but that RIP is necessary. Quit the activity gee

One Chinyere Reginald wrote: “Pay homage. Say goodbye, no day form”

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