Netizens heavily drag Jerry Amilo for sharing video of Junior Pope’s lifeless body at the hospital

Nollywood veteran actor, Jerry Amilo is under fire on social media for sharing the lifeless body of his colleague, Junior Pope following his demise.

In the video making rounds on social media, Junior could be seen lying dead with cotton wool in his nose in a hospital bed, where he was pronounced dead. The Actors Guild of Nigeria president, Emeka Rollas, Jerry Amilo and others surround him in tears.

The video received strong criticism from Netizens who heavily slammed Jerry Amilo for sharing such a distressing video without taking into account the mental well-being of his wife, children, and family members.

One Nwosu Enyinnaya wrote: “Was making a video of a dead man and posting on the internet really necessary. You can use his old pictures if you have to. We should consider direct family members and how these will affect them. Some of them will be seeing his dead body on the internet for the first time.”

One Geestylez wrote: “Yoh. Content will be the end of money. What happened to respecting the privacy of families? Why post him like this, we are a lost generation. I am sorry, this is unacceptable”

One Cjuka Egbu wrote: “Post his dead body without the permission of the family is very disrespectful. I’m shocked, angry and disappointed. How would you feel if this was done to your close relative or sibling? Do you know that you can be sued for this”

One Khani Spencer wrote: “Why do you post such a sensitive content”

One Nicole Marty wrote: Why post such a video online! This man had a family his kids will grow up and find this video. It is really not fair and wisdom should be used in such situations. What was the purpose of filming him in that state. May God help our generation”

One Josephine Diamond wrote: “I can’t stop thinking of his family God what kind of life is this”

One Basquit wrote: “Posting one’s lifeless body should be against X rules fr. Before taking and posting video of a deceased always think about the trauma it’ll cause their loved ones whenever they come across it on the internet.”

See the video below


Before his death was officially confirmed, Junior Pope was reportedly revived and quickly taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Videos circulated on social media capturing the moment the crowd resuscitated him, fervently fanning the actor as he struggled for breath. Netizens expressed immense joy at witnessing his revival, with screams of relief echoing through the air.

In another clip, the actor is seen being carried by the crowd, with onlookers speculating that he was being transported to the hospital.

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