Meet Ryan Spiteri, World’s Most Recognized Online Personal Trainer

FULL NAME(S) Ryan Spiteri
BORN February 2, 1995
BORN Malta
OCCUPATION Weightlifter



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Ryan Spiteri is an Australian WBFF Pro Muscle Model and Online Personal Trainer, known for his experience in the weight loss arena of fat and muscle mass gain. Ryan’s first exposure to weights was at age 16. At 59 pounds, he started training in hopes of getting stronger and gaining more muscle mass. However, it wasn’t a reality until he met his trainer Mike that Ryan started to notice real results – in just one month, he managed to gain a pound of lean body mass.

After many months of considerable training, Ryan caught the “lifting bug” and decided to dedicate his future to the sport. Over time, his knowledge of nutrition and training grew exponentially. He came to be an online personal trainer and fitness competitor, earning possession such as the WBFF Pro Muscle Model and Sydney Fitness Expo INBA Fitness Model.


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However, Ryan’s path to success is not an easy journey. He was involved in a serious accident while riding his motorcycle, which landed him in the hospital with a broken ankle. He was unable to train his legs for more than six months and lost two pounds of his hard-earned muscles.


After pushing his light weights at home, Ryan bought his first gym, so he could train with heavier weights and better equipment. He announced;

“From the first workout I brought the lifting bug and couldn’t pause to grow taller. I started with 59kg lean; being an ectomorph, I was always light and thin. He quickly met his trainer and future friend Mike, who introduced him to a training and meal program. The diet worked wonderfully for Ryan – he gained four pounds in just one month.

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