Kiss Daniel and his Former Record Label Set for War

More troubles seem to be brewing for pop singer, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, aka Kiss Daniels, even as his case with his former record label, G-Worldwild Entertainment, regarding a breach of contract continues to unfold.

It has been brought to the notice of the public that both parties involved had been advised that there will be no need joining issues on legal principles on media as the matter is before the court of law.

According to information, a Federal High Court has given an order that status quo ante bellum under the contract, be maintained by the parties, pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice filed in the suit. The import of the order being that the state under which the parties existed under the contract should be preserved until the court makes a determination of the motion on notice filed by the Company.

Information also revealed that the artiste and his team have chosen not to see the order of the court; as service of the process was evaded on the morning of December 5, 2017, when he was informed by his security guard that a court official had a package for him.

A statement signed by Emmanuel Ega, for G-Worldwide Limited reads; “it is regrettable that Kiss Daniel without reading the full text of the application for interim orders which can be gotten by a simple search of the court records, to understand the clear purpose of the order has denied the existence of the order and its import.

“The attempt to mislead the public is unfortunate and disgraceful. We expect him to say he has received the documents and they are working to respond to the claims”.

Meanwhile, in a counter move, the young artiste uploaded on his Instagram the statement by his solicitors L & A Legal Consultants showing that no such injunction has been served against him.

The statement, titled ‘What G-Worldwild Entertainment Limited will not tell you’ describes as unfortunate the publication by the label currently circulating on social media in respect of the exit of their client.

It states that the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos denied and refused G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd’s application for an injunction restraining Kiss Daniel from performing, recording or using the stage name.

It also stated that the injunction was surreptitiously and secretly filed without notice to their client. And that Kiss Daniel terminated his contract with the record label via a letter on October 30th, 2017. The termination was done in compliance with the provision of the recording contract between the parties.

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