Kim Kardashian launch new hair line in Paris

Reality Tv start and model Kim Kardashian launched her new hair products Marionnaud parfumerie  Paris in grand style.

The excited  entrepreneur Kim who  expressed herself on twitter revealed to her fans”Getting ready for our #KBeautyHair European launch today at @Marionnaud_Fr at the Paris champs eleyse store! (sic)”

Kim explained the rationale behind coming up  “If we have a meeting in the morning, then we don’t have time for hair and makeup, and we get ready ourselves. We do whatever we have time for. It’s not like hair and makeup is an everyday thing.

“It takes me about 15 minutes to do my own makeup, and if I have my hair done from the day before, I can get ready quickly on my own. I don’t wash my hair a whole lot — every three or four days. When I get it done and blow-dried, that lasts for a while.”



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