Iyanya fumes over comparison with Wizkid

Iyanya fumes over comparison with Wizkid

Nigerian singer, Iyanya has reacted after a social media user minimized his musical accomplishments while elaborating on why Wizkid is perceived negatively in the music industry.

A social media user with the X handle @itzbasito had written: “Wizkid’s only crime is surpassing the benchmark set for him and becoming the benchmark himself”.  Another user @Xperience_Snr reposted, saying expectations for Wizkid is for him to end up like Iyanya and Samklef.

The X user wrote, “Same reason why Drake gets a lot of hate. The whole entertainment industry didn’t expect that little tiny white boy to get that far. “Wizkid was supposed to end up like Samklef and Iyanya.”

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Iyanya took issue with his argument, particularly the suggestion that his once-promising career fell short of expectations.

Quoting the tweet, Iyanya fumed: “You will end up like your father.”

In another post, the singer expressed his dismay at how toxic social media is, “This environment is toxic; you all simply wake up and undermine years of a creative’s hard work.”

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