INTERVIEW: Caroline Igben reveals money is not her priority in relationships

Nollywood actress, Caroline Igben prefers financial freedom as she states that money is not her priority in a relationship.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, obtained by Glam, the actress said;

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“Growing up, I was of the opinion that I would like to date someone that was way above my pay bracket. But, right now with life experiences, I genuinely pray to God that as far as I am able to provide for myself, I really don’t care if he (my partner) earns more than I do, as long as he is supporting me.

“However, people have their preferences. As for me, I will prefer to be in a position of financial independence where I am following (dating) someone without considering money as the first thing to consider in a partner. There are a lot of things happening in this world that are beyond financial considerations.”

Speaking on her latest works, Igben said,

“I am currently working on two TV series— ‘Bachelors’ and ‘Covenant’. When it comes to actresses being more popular than one another, I think it is more about taking advantage of opportunities. Some actors could feature in projects that are not commercially successful, while others might feature in projects that are successful, which would invariably bring them to the limelight.”

The actress added that she had never been in a rush for notoriety.

When discussing the changes she would want to see in the film industry, she said;

“Producers should feature new faces and give others opportunities too. Likewise, the new faces should also be paid well for their work.

“When I say ‘opportunities’, I am not just talking about involving them (actors) in auditions. After auditions, new faces should be given a chance, and even if new faces are given a chance, they should not be paid way lesser than others (popular actors).”

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