“If you’re suffering in a relationship it because you don’t have money” – Tochi

Big Brother Naija’s former housemate, Tochi has shared a strong opinion with ladies in relationships.

Taking to his Instagram story, Tochi asserted that many ladies face difficulties in relationships because they don’t have enough money.

He emphasized that if a lady had financial resources, she wouldn’t face difficulties because they were already struggling even before entering the relationship.

He wrote;

“If you’re suffering in a relationship as a babe! Is simply because you self don’t have money! Because if you have money you won’t suffer! Even before the relationship you were suffering”.

As expected, some Netizens disagreed with Tochi’s opinion while some agreed

One Investor Wyse wrote: “Real men spoil their women, both in relationship and marriage. Our women can never suffer in relationships, they get cared for and taken care of. Most especially we Ibo men”

One Emmy Daniel Coach wrote: “Most of this men always thinking women problems and suffering is money, that’s a dumb thing to think. Money isn’t a woman’s problem all the time.. Women have emotional needs that money can’t buy.. Woman have mental and spiritual needs that money can’t buy. A woman suffering in your arms in the presence of money just shows she’s been starved of her emotional and mental needs.. Pay more attention to her emotional and mental needs and see how she will blossom in joy.. If you don’t know her emotional needs, ask her. Everything is not money to a woman.. When they said LOVE A WOMAN, it means pay attention to her emotional needs and make her feel secure emotional, mentally, spiritually, and financially.. Only paying attention to the financial aspect is the least of her worries. Do better!!!..”

One Miz Portable wrote: “Like women this women that??? Don’t they get tired or have something better to talk about… Real men spoil their women . like littke things matters . you dont have to give her the world but you can make her realize she means the world to you just by being in it..”

One Dark Skil Gurl wrote: “Tochi steady dishing out broke man advice😂😂 the only Igbo man that has issues with spending money”

One Official DCN wrote: “Nigerian women wey take relationship as poverty alleviation scheme”

One I am Philosopher wrote:It’s so weird that the girl suffering before she enter relationship…. Want to be rich after the relationship…… Relationship come be like employment”

One Topman Tech wrote: “No truer words. Generally speaking, alot of intelligent men wants to marry a woman of value. I mean what exactly can you be appreciated for asides s…ex. Also as a man, apart from money only, what value can you offer a woman too?”

One Afunwa wrote: “Relationships does not cure money problems. Get busy with your hands. Don’t date for survival.”

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