“This year I will no longer be your punching bag” Toke Makinwa issues warning to trolls

“I will no longer be your punching bag” Toke Makinwa issues waning to trolls

Media personality, Toke Makinwa has vowed to deal with trolls who confront her in the year 2024. Her affirmations come after an X user age-shamed her for crushing on Canadian singer, Drake.

Taking to microblogging platform, Toke stated that she identifies with Drake because she has a major crush on the artist.

“I have had a massive crush on Drake for so many years, I connect with the things he says”

The X user identified as Ugotweets ridiculed the actress Toke for crushing on Drake. He stated that Drake has tons of 22-year-olds in the DMs fighting for his attention. He also taunted the multi-brand influencer for having a but lift that is ‘horrendous’.

The user wrote: “Thinking that Drake will leave hundreds of 22 year olds in his DMs for a 40+ woman like you with a horrendous bbl is peak delusion & fooling. Toke Makinwa, even Sabinus no fit reason your matter.”
Expressing her frustration, Toke Makinwa strongly criticized the troll for targeting her, declaring that she will no longer tolerate bullying in the upcoming year.
Toke disclosed her intention to respond decisively to any individual who trolls her, citing her past experiences with such incidents.
She wrote;

“Imagine being related to someone who tweets/thinks like this??? God abeg o. Your mother should have swallowed cos this is a sorry excuse of a human being. Do better.

“Imagine dating someone who trolls strangers on the internet, like imagine having so much bile at someone you cannot be, some of you actually need to get help this year cos this disgusting behavior of trolling or hurling insults at people you don’t know is sickening.

“This year I will no longer be your punching bag, I have a mouth too and I will no longer look away if you come at me left. No be me do you. Ya”ll comment on everything that has to do with me like you can stand in my presence. You wish!!!”

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