“I underwent surgery to take out 13 fibroids” – Toke Makinwa

“I underwent surgery to take out 13 fibroids” – Toke Makinwa

Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has revealed that she underwent surgery to remove 13 fibroids that were causing health issues.

Toke shared details about her health struggles after the premiere of Stephanie Coker’s documentary titled “Where the Heck is My Period”.

She delved deeper into her personal journey with fibroids, rather than PCOS, and discussed how it impacted her life.

The actress who has been rumored to be pregnant on several occasions, said that she suffers from fibroids, which affects the majority of women in her family.

Toke Makinwa revealed that she became aware of a problem when she noticed a significant increase in her abdominal size, experienced irregular menstrual cycles, and noticed a protrusion when lying down.

She disclosed that she underwent surgery to remove 13 fibroids.

She said

“PCOS I haven’t had but I’ve had fibroids. Just watching the documentary, there are a lot of similarities with symptoms and the bloating. I remember when I started off in this industry and you had to host shows. I remember I had to wear like two waist cinchers or three waist cinchers because I was so tiny but I had a belly and people would always ask if you’re pregnant. I was tired of people asking “are you pregnant?” and you know how there would be photos on red carpets and it’ll be everywhere and everyone would be talking about the fact that “oh my god, is she pregnant, or what has she eaten?”

It was very very daunting. I think I remember the very first time that I got diagnosed. I knew there was something wrong because at some point, when I laid down, there would be a part of my belly that would literally swell up, like a ball. I could feel it. And when I went to the hospital, the doctor checked, and said “yeah, you have fibroids.” In my family, it’s quite a re-occuring issue. Most of the females in my family have fibroids.

“I’ve had cousins who’ve had to take out their wombs. It’s very daunting. It’s one of the most stressful things. I think one of the worst parts of it is bleeding excessively. I mean, I didn’t bleed for a hundred and something days, but I know about you just seeing your period when you’re not expecting it. I know about you sitting somewhere and you get up and someone has to move close to you and say “oh your period”.

I’m happy Stephanie Coker did this documentary because women can come together and talk about it. It does a lot to your self esteem. You’re just nervous all the time. The anxiety levels are high. Eventually, when I got surgery, I had 13 fibroids taken out of me. Tiny me, thirteen!

I’m happy people are bringing awareness to it. If you feel different, if you feel strange, do not be shy about it, go and get checked.”


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