‘I can still order his arrest’ Dammy Krane revisit 2016 conflict with Wizkid

'I can still order his arrest' Dammy Krane revisit 2016 conflict with Wizkid

Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane has revisited the notorious 2016 altercation with his colleague, Wizkid.

The singer sparked outrage among Wizkid’s fans when he drew comparisons between Wizkid and fast-rising singer, Portable, asserting that Portable held more relevance.

A critic on social media, referencing the infamous altercation, warned him that Wizkid might “break another bottle” on his head soon.

The social media user wrote: “They go soon break another bottle for your head no worry… fool”.

In response, Dammy claimed that Wizkid wouldn’t dare to attempt such actions. He asserted that Shina Peller and Obagoal intervened to prevent him from apprehending Wizkid.

Dammy suggested that he still had the option to reopen the case and issue an arrest warrant.

He recounted how Wizkid allegedly threw a glass cup in his direction and sought refuge in Shina Peller’s office, anticipating retaliation from others in the vicinity.

He wrote:

“Them no born am well, if not for Shina Peller & Obagoal, I would have locked up Wiz; which I still can do if the need arises, Jit threw a glass cup in my section in Quilox then ran away to hide in Shina Peller’s office & Beg me lol Wiz know say Men for enter am; R.I.P 44”.

Another social media user questioned whether Dammy Krane would be capable of defeating Wizkid in a physical confrontation if they were left to fight.

The second social media user wrote: “If dem leave you and wizkid 1 on 1, you mean you go comot his teeth just now?”.

Responding, Dammy questioned whether the individual was invoking the name of Jesus while suggesting that people should organize a tournament for them to settle the matter.

“You wan Dey wine Jesus wey turn water to wine make Dem organize that boxing tournament for me & am first make all eyes clear”.

In 2016, Wizkid and Dammy Krane were involved in a physical altercation at Obafemi Martin’s All Black party held at Quilox nightclub, resulting in Dammy Krane sustaining injuries.

Dammy Krane, who accused Wizkid of plagiarizing his slang and lyrics, reportedly made a statement that angered Wizkid. Without warning, Wizkid allegedly punched Dammy in the face, with some sources claiming he used a glass cup. In response, Dammy threw a bottle at Wizkid, but it missed. Before the situation escalated further, others intervened and separated them.

The conflict was later resolved with the intervention of legendary singer 2baba and Shina Peller.

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