Hanni From NewJeans Is Gucci Beauty’s New Global Brand Ambassador

NewJeans Hanni, known for her edgy style and fearless attitude, has been announced as the new global brand ambassador for Gucci Beauty. This collaboration marks a significant moment in the fashion world, as Hanni represents a fresh and unconventional take on beauty standards.

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In a press release, Gucci Beauty wrote, “Since their debut in July 2022, the five-member group has swiftly risen to prominence, captivating international audiences with their vibrant energy. As a member of the global sensation NewJeans, Hanni has garnered attention for her electrifying stage presence and distinctive sense of style. Her magnetic charisma, self-confidence, and genuine authenticity perfectly embody Gucci Beauty’s core values.”

This announcement coincides with Hanni’s appointment as a new UGG brand ambassador, having starred in the company’s most recent spring-summer 2024 campaign.

Overall, this collaboration speaks to the evolving landscape of beauty marketing and reinforces Gucci’s commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms in the industry.