Eku Edewor’s Contemporary Aso Oke Look

I find Aso Oke’s to be one of the richest and most luxrious, indigenously produced fabrics. It is always super delightful to look at, feel and see in it’s traditional form but there’s nothing quite as alluring as a successful contemporary rendition of the aso oke fabric.

While we have the likes of Deola Sagoe to thank for masterminding the Contemporary and high fashion evolution of aso oke, we can’t ignore the strides other designers and style conscious fashion personalities have made in this area. Today we are focusing on Tv Personality, Eku Edewor’s winning and vibrant contemporary delivery of the aso oke fabric. To say it’s a style win would be the understatement of the century. Ms Edewor is all sunshine with a fine blend in her wine cropped aso oke and a complimentary bright yellow midi skirt. Account for some super fabulous gladiator sandals and sunnies that put the O in Cool and you have you some serious contemporary aso oke look.

Afoma Aligbe

Afoma Aligbe is an avid foodie, Pr girl and roving editor with an over 5 years stint in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. When she's not busy handling Clients or contributing articles, she spends her downtime blogging,eating and jiving to Nathaniel Bassey and Bethel Music

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