Drag Queens accuse Papaya Ex of always copying their pictures without credit.


We’re all inspired by others’ art to create or recreate our own.  Nigerians love to draw their fashion inspiration from what they see online. Most Celebrities love to draw their fashion inspiration from foreign celebrities and recreate it to suit them.

From Beyoncé to Nicki Minaj to Cardi B, many Nigerian celebrities copy their outfits and poses. While some are flattered, Drag Queens do not think imitation is the best form of flattery this made her call Nigeria Influencer Papaya out on Twitter for copying her style without credit.

Drag queen, Sminty B said this about Nigerian influencer Papaya’s ex (Raheem Abike) on Twitter: “1.2 million followers, 208k likes, a whole team behind her and not a single person thought to credit me or my creative team at all.. like girl be so fr”.

“Then this? This girl is fucking insane! Like how unoriginal are u? Like I wonder how many other people she is stealing looks from”

Hours after calling her out Papaya’s team and creative director tagged Sminty B but she was still not impressed with how long it took them to give credit for her work.

“the stylist/creative director has now tagged me in their reel after numerous comments because the creator has their comments limited, which is great.. but the fact this has been up for a while now and if nobody had commented I probably would never have got any credit is wild lol”

Since clothes and poses are usually not copyrighted, imitation is flattery, but giving some credit to your inspiration doesn’t hurt either.

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