‘Don’t beat yourself up when a man cheats’— BasketMouth’s estranged wife, Elsie advises women

Elsie Okpocha, the estranged wife of Comedian, Basketmouth has stated that women shouldn’t blame themselves because a man is cheating on them

The mother of two who has been dishing out relationship advice on social media noted that a woman is never at fault when a man cheats.

She noted how a woman can be beautiful, sexy, intelligent, be the best cook, and yet their spouse would still cheat on them.

While she cited the case of American rapper and her estranged husband’s cheating scandal, Elsie further advised women to stop feeling bad and blaming themselves for the actions of another person.

In the video she said,

“This is to women, you need to understand here that when a man cheats, 80% of the time, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. So don’t you ever beat yourself up again? You’ll be beautiful, sexy, know how to cook his favorite dishes, and be intelligent and smart and he will still cheat. So it’s not you, it is never you. So don’t cry in a room, or starve yourself of being sad. Don’t blame yourself for something someone else decides to do”.

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