Do2dtun’s estranged wife, Taiwo says he can have access to his kids “Let’s not use the kids to fight old wounds”

Do2dtun's estranged wife, Taiwo says he can have access to his kids "Let’s not use the kids to fight old wounds"

Following several months of intense emotional struggles and public pleas, Taiwo the estranged wife of On-air personality Do2dtun has granted him access to see his kids.

In a lenghty post on her Instagram page, Taiwo explained that the problem was never about keeping him away from their children but more about how he had handled the situation.

She recognized that some boundaries had been crossed, but she has now permitted Do2dtun to spend time with their children, facilitated through legal channels initiated by his team.

The mother of two further explained that Do2dtun had their children with him for more than a month in July last year. The problems started when he shared a video of their kids on TikTok, and she raised worries about the hurtful comments left by his followers. She stated that Do2dtun got angry with her and even blocked her on all platforms.

She also said that in December, when Do2dtun was supposed to have the kids for the holiday, they argued because she asked him to bring the kids back after Christmas so they could spend New Year’s with her.

Taiwo also blamed Do2dtun for embarrassing her during their marriage. She said when things went well for him, he started criticizing her for not being good in bed, not wearing makeup, or taking photos, even though she never cared about those things.

Meanwhile, Taiwo emphasized a significant condition that Do2dtun must ensure that their children’s address remains private and undisclosed on any social media platform. Her post concluded with a message expressing forgiveness, stating,

“Dotun, may God forgive you for your actions.”

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