OAP, Do2dtun fumes as he calls out his estranged wife, her family amid kids custody dispute

OAP, Do2dtun fumes as he calls out his estranged wife, her family amid kids custody dispute

On-Air personality,Oladotun Ojuolape better known as Do2dtun has called out his estranged wife, Taiwo Omotayo Oyebanjo and her family for spreading lies about him and denying him access to his children.

In a lenghty post on his Instagram, the OAP, Do2dtun, expressed his frustration with his ex-wife. He said she has kept him away from their two daughters, and he’s had enough after enduring this for a year.

Do2dtun pledged to share all information about her online, from her background to her descendants. He also mentioned how she’s able to hurt him because people usually side with what’s anticipated, and she’s played that card effectively.

He also mentioned that she can harm him because people tend to side with what’s predictable, and she’s used this to her advantage.

The OAP stated that he’s prepared to fight for his right to be a part of his daughters’ lives and protect his reputation. He promised to share legal papers and more, emphasizing that staying silent doesn’t make him appear foolish.

He wrote;

“This was ruled 6th of July 2022. My Lawyers help me here, please. This is just a snippet. I have waited a whole year dealing with you and your family’s wickedness. I will make sure that every little information from your existence to your 3rd generation will be available here. It’s easy to hurt me cos the mob always chose the expected hence you played this card. I don ready for Una now…..

“Listen! Now I am ready to fight.

Taiwo @FIFIFUUDIES you have lived through this lie for too long. You see that thing you paid the press to say about me. Domestic violence, I came to your house to violently assault your staff to pick my kids and forced abortions that I let you play with, the time has come for you to be accountable for it cos I will be releasing receipts, video evidence;

Full recordings, witnesses, voice notes. As court no gree rule for contempt of court for over a year. It’s time for me to be my own judge & jury.

“I took it for those kids even if you tried & tried to ruin me but e no work.. Fife and Fiore, I am sorry. Daddy is fed up of playing safe & reasonable anymore.

“I am ready to fight for my right to be in their lives. The lies you cooked just to ruin my name are over! please read that judgment. The press you paid to do that damage. I gave you the chance to reconcile & make amends but you didn’t. You preferred to see the life of a young man bashed out of his soul. I took it.

“Next thing I am releasing is the document you filed in court & what you told the press… let people compare. Staying quiet doesn’t make me stup!d.

I will defend myself this time cos you can take everything but you won’t take my name & my kids cos your family from the 1st generation to your last never ever built it for me. It’s my sweat & blood.

“I see comments about me & I question myself, when did this happen? We are all ready to come out now. It’s a year now & you have milked it. You knew I would be easily judged but enough is Enough. You came to the press to lie but this ruling was given over a year. Your family gagged me with the press, Police and mob. I still no fight”.

Do2dtun’s Marital Journey

In 2013, Do2dtun married D’banj’s sister, Omotayo, and together they have two children.

However, after nine years of marriage, Omotayo filed for divorce, citing reasons such as alleged forced abortion, domestic violence, and emotional abuse as grounds for the dissolution.

According to court documents, it was claimed that the OAP had pressured his wife into aborting her third pregnancy while they were still married.

Furthermore, her lawyer alleged that Do2dtun, accompanied by some police officers, forcibly entered his ex-wife’s residence in Abuja, where they assaulted her gatekeeper and staff.

In response to these allegations, the radio host accused his ex-wife’s family and lawyers of spreading lies about him.

Although their divorce is still pending, the court has granted the former couple joint custody of their children.

However, a few months ago, Do2dtun had expressed his distress over not being able to see his children. He took to his Instagram page to reveal that it had been 10 months since he last saw his kids, emphasizing how much he missed them.

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