#CocktailsandDresses2016- CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com Interview with Glamsquad Magazine Online

  1. You are the CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com, one of the fastest-growing ecommerce companies in Africa. What’s s your vision for the industry?

The industry is very young with lots of innovative players trooping in. It’s a very exciting industry to play in as we are increasing innovation and growth across the continent. With the emergence of ecommerce, we’ve seen developments in logistics, geographic mapping and other aspects that contribute to jobs creation and economic development. I want to see the industry boom greatly. I want the industry to impact millions of lives not just within Africa but globally. And I very much want to see excellence, leadership and good ethics leading the drivers of the industry.


  1. Why did you choose to establish an ecommerce company with keen interest on increasing Africa’s fashion global presence?

The past one year, I did a bit of travelling across Nigeria and Africa. Where would I start on telling you the vast amount of creative fashion products made by citizens in rural and urban areas alike that I came across. Let’s not talk about the massively untapped natural resources. There are tons of opportunities in the fashion space and it is bound to grow significantly within the next 2 to 5 years. We love to look good and dress up. It’s time we start dressing the world.

CEO Mrs. Olatorera Oniru

  1. With the present state of the Nigerian economy do you regret leaving a flourishing career in the US to become an entrepreneur in Nigeria? And if you could turn back the hands of time would you rather had establish Dressmeoutlet.com in America?

Never. No way. No regrets. I love the entrepreneurial world. It is challenging but rewardingly and excitingly challenging. I love challenges especially when we continue converting them to results and growth and I believe we are doing that at Dressmeoutlet.com. I would be limited in a paid employment role in comparison to being an entrepreneur. There’s no limit to my growth as an entrepreneur with ambitions to contribute positively to the growth of the economy.


  1. Africa’s economy is growing at a fast pace, but the number of women involved is increasing slowly. What do you think is the reason for this?

Women have quite a lot of responsibilities especially in Africa and for that reason, it may be a bit difficult to be a woman, wife, mother and economy driver. Some men actually do not let their wives work. Nonetheless, just by being homemakers and supporting their husbands, many women are contributing more than you can imagine to the growth of the economy. A woman doesn’t have to be an entrepreneur or a public figure or an employee or whatnot to be a strong contributor to the economy. Many women work from behind the scenes and that’s very okay.

CEO Dressmeoutlet.comCEO of Dressmeoutlet.com(Fashion Amazon)

  1. How do you navigate being the CEO, a young mother of 2, a wife and a speaker who is frequently engaged within and across Africa? Does any area suffer a loss?

I’m very zealous about ensuring nothing suffers but of-course I can’t do it all. At Dressmeoutlet.com, we’ve now grown to over 25 employees who are contributing notably to the growth of the company as leaders in their roles. Leveraging on the strengths of partners, suppliers, employees and other parties to the ecosystem helps. Personally, I enjoy working and thus I’m always on the go from one task to the other. Homework reviews for my children is scheduled, workout time is scheduled and dinner dates with my husband are always the best unscheduled anytime anyday.

  1. com has an event coming up! The Largest Gathering of Made in Africa’s Best called Cocktails & Dresses. Tell us about it and how much work has been put into making Cocktails and Dresses a success?

Cocktails & Dresses is coming up on the 11th of December, 2016. Over 500 shopping vouchers are being given to Dressmeoutlet.com’s customers towards ensuring a grand event. It will be a full-day Black Carpet Shopping Rave starting at 12 PM prompt. The event is free to attend with registration via Dressmeoutlet.com/cocktailsanddresses. We are looking forward and are all set for a splendid day. Lots of Amarula drinks would be provided in sponsorship from Distell South Africa. First Bank of Nigeria is also a Solid Gold sponsor to Cocktails & Dresses 2016.


  1. What are your motivation secrets?

Honestly, no secret at all. I love working and I really enjoy seeing results so combining both makes me work as hard as possible until I derive and exceed expected results. America’s President-Elect Donald Trump can’t call me lazy and we all must prove to him and others like him around the world that Africans are not lazy. We can change our continent by working together and succeeding together – one day at a time, lots of hardwork put into each day and many challenges conquered.


  1. With the rate at which trade/sales exhibitions spring up every now and then, don’t you feel threatened by these competition? And what makes Cocktails and Dresses different from others?

Not at all. We can have millions of events everyday – what stands for greatness is the mission, vision and agenda of Cocktails & Dresses, The Largest Gathering of Made in Africa’s Best. You have to attend the event to witness the amazing things in works. It’s a growth opportunity for everyone, a networking opportunity, economic empowerment opportunity and so much more. It beams with passion, excitement, discounts and a full day of celebrations. Cocktails & Dresses brings together the best of made in Africa brands, media partners, tech partners, government supporters and buyers in an entertaining, luxurious environment.


  1. Are there other upcoming projects we should know off? Especially ones fundamental to the growth of the fashion industry in Africa.

Our style champions program at Dressmeoutlet.com is ongoing. Style champions are independent leaders who earn monthly income from selling products on Dressmeoutlet.com to their friends and family. We also have the Creative Entrepreneurs Program (CEP) which we are very excited about and pushing very strongly. CEPs get funding and mentorship to push their dreams within the fashion, beauty and home-goods manufacturing industry. We are looking more into individuals who produces locally with local resources and those who can perfect the fashion and beauty supply chain locally.




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